McJax Cattery
Cat/Kitten Adoption Agreement

This agreement pertains to the adoption of a(n) ___________________( breed) ______(sex)__________________________(color)
queened on ______________________________(birthdate) named ________________________________________________.

The quality of the cat/kitten is: _____ show _____ breeder _____pet.  (check applicable box) 
The cat/kitten shall be _____ shown, ____ used for breeding, or  ______ spayed/neutered.
A fee of  $__________ is applied towards the adoption of this cat/kitten.

It is the breeder's goal to place McJax kittens in the most suitable home, where he will recieve optimal care for his entire lifetime.
If deemed by the breeder to be pet quality, or if adopted for the sole purpose of being a household pet, this cat/kitten may not be
used for breeding under any circumstances.

The Adopting Party Agrees to the Following Standards of Care:

   1.) This cat/kitten will always be transported safely in a cat carrier.

   2.) This cat/kitten will be maintined indoors at all times for it's safety and for protection against disease or injury. 
   (Decks, patios, and balconies which are not enclosed shall not be considered, "indoors.")

   3.) This cat/kitten will not be declawed or otherwise mutillated.

   4.) This cat/kitten will be kept well fed, groomed, and will recieve prompt veterinary care when needed, at the new owner's
   expense. Caring for a pet can be costly, and you are advised not to proceede with adoption if you cannot afford to provide
            quality care.

   5.) The new owner has been advised that transitioning to a new home is stressful for cats and kittens, and may increase
   suceptability to minor illness.  Failure to adhere to the breeder's recommendations can increase these risks.  The new owner
   agrees to follow the breeder's recommendations to minimize stress during the transition period.

   6.) If adopted as a household pet, this kitten will  be spayed or neutered prior to reaching nine months of age.

   7.) This cat/kitten will NEVER be turned over to an animal shelter, pound, or research facility.

The Breeder Agrees to the Following Terms of Adoption:

   1.) This cat/kitten is current on vital vaccinations and deemed to be in good health at the time of adoption, to the best of
   the breeder's knowledge.  ______________________________________________________________(note exceptions here)

   2.) This cat/kitten may be examined by a veterinarian within five days of the date of adoption, at the new owner's expense.
   If found to be suffering from a serious congenital defect or illness, the cat/kitten may be returned.  The breeder will render
   appropriate care and refund donations made to her, but not those made to any other organization.

   3.) The breeder agrees to provide the adopting party with the cat/kitten's vaccination record, sample of food, detailed care
   instructions, and any additional information pertinent to the health or care of the cat/kitten.  For pet kittens or retirees,
   the CFA registration paper is provided at the breeder's discretion.

   4.) If the cat/kitten is deemed by the breeder to be of sufficient merrit for showing and/or breeding, it's pedigree, CFA
   registration paper, and DNA test results will be also provided.

   5.) There are no guarentees made as to the future health, show acheivements, or reproductive capacity of this cat/kitten.

   6.) The breeder shall not be held liable for the actions of this cat/kitten, such as damage to property, injury to humans or
   other animals, or medical or veterinary care for any reason.

   7.) As there is no blood test for FIP at this time, the breeder guarentees this cat/kitten for 30 days for death from FIP.
   An autopsy report conferming FIP as the cause of death is required for a monetary refund from the breeder. 

Signature of adopting party:_____________________________________________________________ Date:____________________
Home address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone:____________________________________ Email:______________________________________________

Signature of breeder:__________________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________
Home address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone:______________________________ Email:___________________________________________________